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On the 40th anniversary of the premiere of “Curro Jiménez”, a TVE series that between 1976 and 1978 marked the collective imagination not only of the audiences of millions of viewers in Spain, but also in Latin America, this documentary revives the controversial figure of the bandoliers.


But who were the true bandoliers that inspired the series? Where did they live? How did they operate? Were they really Robin Hoods or just common criminals?

This television documentary tells the stories of some of the most legendary bandits such as El Tempranillo, Luis Candelas, El Bandido Cucaracha or Pepa La Loba.

And it does so not only recreating their lives, but through people that, still today in Spain, in the XXI century, remembers them and, in many cases, continues to venerate them as justice heroes.


Written and Directed by:
Hernán Zin
Executive Producers:
Andrés Luque (TVE), Hernán Zin
Hernán Zin
Alicia Medina
Director of Photography:
Miguel Hernán Parra
Production Management:
Carmen Huray
Journalistic Production:
Fátima Subeh
Doc Land, TVE