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September 2013

“Brave women, seeking justice in Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Bosnia”

Three years filming in ten different countries have been required to make WAR AGAINST WOMEN, the most ambitious documentary ever filmed about the use of rape as a weapon of war. A quieted and ignored topic up to date, which makes victims impossible to be fixed and let criminals unpunished.



Dozens of corageous women tell in WAR AGAINST WOMEN about their suffering, showing their faces, determined to finally make the world hear them.

Women like Bakira Hasecic, Bosnian, who spends her time pursuing Serbian men who raped in camps during the war and taking them before the judge.

Or like Jane Mukuninwa, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who has undergone 8 operations already in order to have her reproductive system fixed and eventually have children.

Or Rosemary Nyrymbe, from Uganda, who rescues young women who were sex slaves of the LRA.

This documentary film has also a powerful original score, composed by Grammy winner Bebe, and treats the use of a woman’s body as a battlefield with care and a beautiful narrative.


Directed and Written by:
Hernán Zin
Executive Producer:
Ana Pincus
Hernán Zin, Ana Pincus, Sergio Carmona, John Miller-Monzon
Sergio Corredor, Andrew Ford
Director of Photography:
Hernán Zin, Alberto Flores
Carlos Martín, Nieves Rebolledo (Bebe), Hernán Zin
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