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October 2018

“I am human and nothing human is alien to me”

In this documentary film, the most prestigious war reporters of the last decades – including several Pulitzer Prize recipients – open up to share their traumas.

A brutal and heartbreaking portrait of war. And a tribute to those who risk health and life so that the world is informed.



In 2012, award-winning documentary filmmaker Hernán Zin suffered an incident in Afghanistan that would change his life forever. Traumas accumulated during 20 years of work as a war correspondent suddenly exploded. They started depression, loneliness, self-destructive behaviors.

In search for answers to these problems, Hernán Zin interviews other war correspondents. He asks them about their traumas, their losses, their fears and their families.

Journalists kidnapped by ISIS, wounded in Syria, who have lost friends and colleagues in the wars in Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Iraq or Afghanistan.

No spectator of DYING TO TELL will see the news in the same way again.

In these times of fake news, the film shows the high price that reporters pay for accessing true information.


Directed and Written by:
Hernán Zin
Executive Producers:
Hernán Zin, Andrés Luque
Hernán Zin, Nerea Barros, Miguel González, Eduardo Jiménez
Alicia Medina
Director of Photography:
Ignacio Barreto
Marcos Bayón
Free Your Mind
Doc Land, TVE, Free Your Mind


2018 Montreal World Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary Film
2018 Valladolid International Film Festival SEMINCI
Winner Best Documentary Film
2018 Mexico International Film Festival
Winner Palma de Plata
2018 Shanghai International Film Festival