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“Evie Baxter and her mother, Victoria Smurfit, travel the world to “see the sights” before it is too late”

In this incredible and unique film we bear witness to Victoria and Evie’s deeply moving adventure, one that both tests and deepens their mother / daughter bond as they find the light in a world that for Evie is slowly dimming.

With them for the trip of a lifetime, we will experience first-hand what it is to see the world through Evie’s eyes as she sees things for the first time knowing it may also be the last.

Often hilarious, other times deeply moving and thought-provoking, this film is a unique and poignant look at how the world looks very different when you are told you might not be able to see it for much longer.

In a time when we are glued to our phones, this story encourages all of us – to look up and see there is a whole world to discover and now as we emerge from lock down – an opportunity to see the world again from a whole new perspective.


Evie Baxter was 11 year’s old when she was told she had a rare eye condition, Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy, a genetic form of retinal degeneration which causes progressive loss of vision.

As a young girl living in LA, this was an unimaginable diagnosis for the “eye problems” she had been having.

Describing the experience like being handed a “ticking time-bomb”, Evie’s mother, actor and writer Victoria Smurfit, could not sit back and wait for the inevitable to happen. Instead, she made Evie (now 16) a promise: that they would travel across the world to see all the sights she dreamt of seeing.

Sadly, covid delayed that trip and Evie fell apart many times knowing that her time with her sight was running out. When she turns 18, the UK Government will label her as officially blind.

Now, in 2021, Evie and Victoria had started the trip of a lifetime and discover the world with a whole new perspective and determination to take in all it offers.


Hernán Zin
Executive Producer:
Victoria Brooks
Doc Land