About us

Founded in 2002 by Hernán Zin, DOC LAND is one of Europe’s main independent documentary production companies.

We produce for platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, National Geographic, Canal Plus, New York Times, Al Jazeera… taking our projects to audiences all around the world.

Our films have had, not only support from audiences, but also from international festivals and awards.

In 2020 we changed our name to DOC LAND, celebrating the beginning of a new stage for the company.

New producers, new talents and resources to go even further in our desire to create content that inspires everyone of us to change the world, with offfices in Madrid, Los Angeles and Dubai.

In 2021, Hernán Zin founded POD LAND, a podcast production company aimed at the Spanish speaking market, that has more than 500 million listeners. The long experience in storytelling of DOC LAND turned into groundbreaking podcasts.




Hernán Zin


Fernando Pastini

General manager


Lucía Lopreiato


Jairo González

Creative director

Sergio Carmona

Branded content


Sofía De Maussion

Head of Business Development / Executive Producer

Ana Pincus

Partner/Executive producer

Luciano Pozzi

Production Director

Rocío Llabrés

General Manager

Steven Priovolos

Lead Cinematographer/Executive Producer