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October 2009

“On the margins of the world”

More than one billion people barely survive in places known as slums or shantytowns. SLUM WORLD tells stories of the inhabitants of these neighborhoods in Africa, Asia and Latin America.



Throughout the 20th century, humanity starred in the largest migration in history. Millions of people abandoned life in the countryside to move to the city. But not all of these people found the prosperity they sought.

SLUM WORLD undertakes a long journey through different parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, to portray a gallery of characters as moving as they are admirable.

Morris, a young Kenyan man who walks four hours a day to help his mother with AIDS; Dipti Porchás, an old woman who cannot resist the harsh conditions of Calcutta; Elena, a “cartonera” from Buenos Aires, full of humor and tenderness; to end in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, during the clashes between the Luo and Kikuyo ethnic groups.


Directed and Written by:
Hernán Zin
Hernán Zin, Sergio Carmona
Amalio González, Vanesa Valdemoros
Director of Photography:
Hernán Zin
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