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November 2014

“Growing up in a war zone”

BORN IN GAZA follows ten children telling their daily life under the bombs during the military offensive that devastated the Gaza Strip in July and August 2014.



Among these children, we find Udai, who lost his house in a bombing, or Malak, a refugee in a UN school.

Sondos is in the hospital with serious injuries in her abdomen and Mohamed has no option but to collect garbage to make a living.

Director Hernán Zin shows a deep and intimate vision about how violence twists these children’s lives, putting aside any political debate or last-minute event. A deeply human vision of the war and its consequences with an original aesthetic look.

Slow-motion as well as drone and underwater shooting, make cinematography one of the essentials of the film. A war was barely ever shot so beautifully and disturbing at the same time.

BORN IN GAZA comes to an end three months after the Israeli offensive, with us returning to check up on these children dealing with the terror and trying to have their lives back to normal.

They speak up for the 538 dead children and over 3,500 wounded left by the so-called ‘Operation Protective Edge’ Israeli offensive.


Directed and Written by:
Hernán Zin
Hernán Zin, Olmo Figueredo, Nieves Rebolledo (Bebe)
Alicia Medina
Director of Photography:
Hernán Zin
Carlos Martín
Doc Land, La Claqueta, Canal Plus


2015 Al Jazeera Film Festival
Juror's Award
2015 Rory Peck Awards
2016 Premios Forqué
Winner Best Documentary Film
2015 Premios Goya
Nominated Best Documentary Film
2015 Premios Platino
Nominated Best Documentary Film
2015 Premios CEC
Nominated Best Documentary Film
2016 León Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary Film